The enterprise believes in "Quality is Worship" and is sure that the credit of their success goes to the quality of products they offer. The importance given to making quality matches is never compromised. The company has their own Quality Inspectors who ensure that every match stick that goes into the box meets the stringent quality standardsset internally by the management of Prabakar Match Industries.

The enterprise was initially involved in the making of wooden splints in wooden boxes. But later with a view to serve the consumers in a better and sophisticated manner and to give top priority to environmental protection, the range of products was shifted to making Wax Sticks in attractive and handy Cardboard boxes.

  • The products are available in very appealing and attractive packaging, for which high-quality multicolor labels are used.

  • In order to ensure that the matches do not lose their fire-power over time, due to dampness and moisture in the atmosphere, Cats Matches boxes are made exclusively with high quality boards. The special purpose board is damp resistant and moisture absorbing.

  • The composition of chemicals used for making the match striking surface is carefully blended to ensure longevity of the surface, so that even the last stick fires with just one strike.

  • The stick is made up of a consistent mixture of paper and wax that delivers good strength and color. The mixture of chemicals prepared for the match heads are of high quality, and are personally monitored by our Quality Inspectors.

  • Keeping up with our good business ethics, our quality inspectors ensure that the count of sticks is never less than what is printed on the match boxes.
  The management perceives 'Quality' to be their core object and is totally dedicated to maintaining it at any cost. The enterprise firmly believes in the business manthra 'Quality is first, last and forever'.